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Ráj horských turistů v každém ročním období

Hiker, mountaineer, or free climber  - there are enough delights and beautiful views for all. The Tržič area is a mountain paradise in all seasons. For those who like steep climbs, there are 150 kilometres of marked trails  – and countless others, of all levels of difficulty, all the way to the summits of two-thousanders.

Košuta, Slovenia's longest mountain ridge, awaits you.

The views and soft grassy slopes will spoil you. Besides Košuta there are also Begunjščica, Dobrča, Storžič and Kriška Gora, plus huts on Kriška Gora and Dobrča, a shelter on Gozd, and mountain hostels below Storžič, below Zelenica, on Kofce and on Šija. Free climbers can flex their fingers in the Dovžan Gorge and on Bela Peč.

Spoil yourself the mountain way.

Many mountain dairies and farms open their doors to visitors. Welcoming local hosts will serve you authentic local dishes, particularly dairy-based ones. Everybody is familiar with sour milk, but here you can also get "masovnek", a traditional herders meal made from sour cream, flour, and eggs, which nowadays is a rare delicacy.

Do you want to work up a sweat, enjoy yourself, or both?

Don't waste too much time thinking about it. In Tržič, there's only direction to go in - up!

Horské trasy

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