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Ochutnejte Tržičsko

The best known Tržič dish is surely Tržič bržola, a stew made from lamb or mutton. There's a famous story about how the dish originated, when a merry band of lads having a good time up on Kofce mountain pasture ran out of food and so stole a ewe and cooked it up with some seasonings and herbs growing on the pasture.

Today the mountain dairies in the summer months serve mainly milk-based dishes. Sour milk in combination with various porridges, masovnek, and dumplings are dishes that are sure to tickle your taste buds.

The varied history of the region has left its mark on the culinary traditions as well. Together with Austrian soldiers the people of the Tržič region came to know the dish made from pasta, bacon, potatoes, and onions called "grenadirmarš."

The selection of foods offered in town as well as on guest farms in the area is especially rich during traditional events and festivities. It would be a sin to miss out on so much goodness!

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