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Dolga Njiva Mountain Dairy

The Dolga Njiva mountain dairy offers authentic herders fare, rest and relaxation, and walks in unspoilt nature and an unforgettable night’s sleep in the hayloft.


Buckwheat porridge with golden fried homemade crackling, sour milk, masovnek made from mountain dairy cream, ricotta, cheese dumplings, cabbage with homemade Carniolan sausage, and one-pot meals.


  • 15 dormitory beds in 2 rooms
  • 15 beds in the hayloft

Additional amenities

  • Mini zoo with domestic animals,
  • sleeping in a hayloft,
  • exceptional views of the mountain ridge of Košuta.

Opening hours

From 1 June to 15 September, from 8 am to 8 pm.


Transportation to the cottage by car for the disabled only  is possible if arranged in advance. 
English and German spoken..

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