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Caravan park at Gorenjska Plaža (Gorenjska Beach)

Vacationing in a caravan is becoming increasingly popular. In Tržič you can park for free above the pool complex of Gorenjska Beach; the environs offer a number of possibilities for active holidays and a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The parking area, which is also intended for passenger cars, is equipped with electricity and water hookup and a station for wastewater disposal and cleaning toilet cassettes.

 There are bars and restaurants in the immediate vicinity, a shop located 400 metres distant, and the old city centre of Tržič is a 20-minute walk.

 The environment offers many possibilities for hiking, cycling, bathing at the summer swimming pool, thematic trails, and sightseeing of cultural and natural attractions.


Nearby inns and mountain hostels provide delicious local cuisine.


  • 6 parking spots


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