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Přes 100 událostí ročně

What are you missing out on? More than 100 events a year. All of Tržič and its surrounding area enjoy these events. Many singing, dance, theatre, puppeteering, folklore and other cultural and artistic events and photographic, art, and related exhibitions are organized. In addition, there are also recreational and sporting events, of course.

Which Sunday is worth spending in Tržič?

The mother of all events in this area is Cobblers Sunday, the first Sunday in September. Hundreds of years ago the first Sunday in September was when cobblers' apprentices after a demanding practical examination received their certificate of completion of apprenticeship and became journeymen.  And what do you think followed? A fair and festivities for all.

What is not to be missed?

Enjoy the International Minerals, Fossils, and Environment Days – MINFOS. Cheer on the competitors at the international mountain race for oldtimers on Ljubelj. Then there's the "Vuč v vodo", the Tržič Bržola Festival,  the Dance Withoout Borders on Ljubelj, "Vomnsk' poh" and dozens of other events, both traditional and one-off.

And another year goes by.

When something is happening, the selection of foods offered in the town as well as on nearby guest farms is especially plentiful. It would be a sin to miss out on so much goodness!

Seznam událostí

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