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Brodar Bed & Breakfast

In the middle of the idyllic old town centre of Tržič are beautifully appointed rooms with bathroom, cable TV and free WiFi internet, owned and run, like the cafe Mestna Kavarna below them, by the Brodar family.

Just a stone's throw away is the Tržič Museum, which presents the once extremely highly developed crafts that were the livelihood for many Tržič residents. The museum premises are in the former Pollak dyehouse and tannery in the old forging and crafts part of Tržič along the still preserved water chutes. Of particular interest is the display of shoemaking and footwear and the display of the tradition of skiing.

The Tržič area offers numerous opportunities for outdoor activities. The forests and mountains invite cycling, hiking, and picking wild berries. In winter favourite activities are ski touring and sledding. A few kilometres north of the town of Tržič, right in the heart of the Karawanks, lies the Dovžan Gorge: the wild current of the Tržič Bistrica River over millennia carved out a deep gorge, revealing rocks that attest to the long and fascinating geological history of the region.


1 room with four beds and bathroom


WiFi internet and cable TV


Breakfast is provided. The cafe is well known for its delicious home-baked desserts.


4 beds

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