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Kozolec (Hayrack) Apartment

In the Tržič Bistrica Valley, where many years ago there used to be forges, smithies, and working mills, an old traditional hayrack (called a "kozolec" in Slovene) has been converted into guest accommodation in beautiful surroundings with a spectacular view of the mountains.

The kozolec is a distinctive form of Slovenian rural architecture and ethnological heritage. At one time it was an integral part of a farm's buildings, intended for storing hay, drying grain, and storing agricultural machinery. Wishing to offer a different kind of accommodation experience, we converted the kozolec to guest accommodation.

The accommodation is intended for smaller groups, families, cyclists, hikers, and anyone who enjoys nature and beautiful surroundings and values cultural heritage and rural architecture.


2/4 + 1/2

The building can accommodate up to ten people in three rooms, with a covered terrace, two bathrooms and an additional WC, private parking, and free internet access and TV.

Additional amenities

Beach volleyball and badminton, small football field, table tennis


The building is located in the immediate vicinity of Smuk Guesthouse and Pizzeria.


English, German, and Croatian spoken. Pets are not allowed.

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