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Divjina Dirt Park

If you're the type of person for whom a bike is a tool for flying through the air with a triple spin or double somersault, then Divjina Dirt Park is the place for you. Even hardened BMX competitors will tear up in happiness over this site. This spectacular wooded park has even been selected by Red Bull for their competitions. Gravity doesn't exist here and if you haven't yet come to believe in miracles, you'll see them here with your own eyes.

DIVJINA is the largest and most diverse dirt park in Slovenia. It is designed for freestyle jumps with BMX and Dirt Jump bikes. This spectacular wooded park has even been selected by Red Bull for their competitions.

Divjina offers you many different thrills:
- 17 jumps of different sizes and shapes;
- 2 slopestyle structures;
- trick jump;
- a number of berms between the jumps;
- rollers of different sizes for freer riding between jumps;
- bowl: a large bend that takes you in a 360-degree turn.

All the structures mentioned are connected in four main lines that are interwoven;
- El Classico is a classical track with numerous rollers and jumps for performing attractive tricks,
- the famous domestic delight Hot Line, along which you will fly past trees and ride left and right along attractive berms,
- Monster Line is a challenge for the best, who can observe birds in the treetops,
- Trick Jump is a special jump with the biggest landing site in Divjina, intended for learning tricks.

Before visiting check the weather forecast. The tracks can be ridden only when the surface of the park is dry. There is no entrance fee.

The parking area for cars is located in the village of Sebenje. It is located on the map at the following coordinates: Google Earth: 46° 19' 51.50" S  14° 18' 10.37" V, Google maps: 46.330974, 14.302906

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