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Kriška Gora Paragliding Club

They say not even the wind from Tržič is good. But that's simply not true. The Tržič area is a paradise for paragliders and hang gliders taking off from the slopes of Gozd, Kriška Gora, and Dobrča and soaring like birds above the peaks of Košuta and Begunjščica. Only the evening twilight reminds them that they need to come back to earth.

To start with, try a tandem flight

Many nature lovers gaze admiringly at the sky, where hang gliders and paragliders soar for  hours upon hours. Don't try to realize your secret desire to fly by yourself but rather consult with experienced and licenced pilots  who are qualified for tandem flights. In Tržič these instructors are brought together in the Kriška Gora Paragliding Club

Takeoff points

There are three takeoff points in the Tržič area. Two are on Gozd and the Kriška Gora Paragliding Club is in charge of them, while the third is on Dobrča in the care of the Lesce – Bled Free Fliers Club.

One of the first takeoff points in Slovenia is the Kriška Gora Takeoff (N46 21.09, E14 19.93). It is popular primarily because it is close to the mountain hostel on Kriška Gora and is an excellent starting point for flights over the Karawanks, the Kamnik Savinja Alps, the Julian Alps, and even further. Mainly local paragliders like to make use of it in winter, when they can climb up to Kriška Gora and descend back to the valley by parachute.

From early spring to late autumn there is also a lot of activity at Gozd (N46 20.36, E14 19.87), where one of the most well-organized takeoff points in Slovenia is located. Specific climatic conditions make it one of the best places in the country for catching air currents. Access is also very easy. The takeoff point lies at an elevation of  926 m and is only five minutes walk from the nearby parking area. It is well suited for paragliding instruction, while the most experienced can make flights from 20 to 250 km.

The takeoff point on Dobrča (N46 37.14, E14 26.23) lies at an elevation of 1478 m and is a little more difficult to reach since the latter part of the path can only be traversed by off-road vehicles. The climatic conditions are similar to those on Kriška Gora.

Where shall we fly to?

The takeoff points are oriented towards the south and in ideal conditions enable flights over the Karawanks, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, the Julian Alps and even further, into neighbouring Italy and Austria. You just need to be careful towards the south, since due to the proximity of  Jože Pučnik Airport flights can only be a maximum of 300 metres above the ground.

The landing is also important.

At the edge of the forest along the local road between the settlements of Senično and Novake (below the Golnik - Tržič road) is the Senično landing site (N46 19.48, E14 19.13). Wind socks at the landing spot will direct you and take you to the parking area. There are no power lines or other interfering obstacle in the immediate vicinity and so landing on the grassy area designated for this purpose is relatively simple. A small rise above the landing spot also enables paragliding instruction for beginners.

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