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Tandem paragliding flights

Tržič is nestled at the confluence of the Tržič Bistrica and Mošenik rivers, the nearby hills at the edge of the Ljubljana Basin rising proudly in the background. The summits of the Tržič area mountains offer unparalleled views across Kranj all the way to Ljubljana and beyond, past Storžič to Krvavec, and to the west all the way to the majestic Julian Alps. The view from the top is indeed beautiful, and what better way to experience it than from the seat of a tandem paraglider? When would you like to experience it?

First you need to go up ... but every drop of sweat is worth it once you get to the top

Walking uphill is hard work, but reaching the top is rewarding, enjoyable, and satisfying. With every step higher, nature changes and new views unfold.

Ascending in the company of a local paraglider is spiced with many stories from near and far; the path seems much shorter and not as steep.

Fly like a bird

The return to the starting point will be a bit different. With the right dose of adrenaline and spectacular views of nearby mountains, valleys, and plains, you can descend from some takeoff points in a tandem paraglider.

Flying in all seasons

All times of year are suitable for tandem paragliding flights. In summer you can admire the setting sun after a hot day, in autumn you can fly above the colourful canopies of trees, in winter you can glide across white slopes and in spring you can witness the re-awakening of nature even at higher elevations.

Takeoff points:

Tandem paragliding flights are possible from the following takeoff points:

  • Dobrča (46.3714, 14.2624)
  • Kriška Gora (46.3515, 14.3326)
  • Potoška Gora (46.3124, 14.4543)
  • Zaplata (Hudičev bBoršt) (46.3281, 14.4411)
  • Ambrož pod Krvavcem (46.282, 14.5252)
  • Krvavec (46.2978, 14.5293)
  • and other takeoff points around Gorenjska.
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