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Tourist bus Hop-on Hop-off

Each Friday in July and August, a special Hop-On Hop-Off tourist bus takes visitors to discover the Tržič area. Locals will show you museums and attractions and tell you stories of the dragon's town of the enterprising and the skilled.

Take a journey along the panoramic road to a town of craftspeople and hike to surrounding mountain pastures.

Price of a daily bus ticket (Bled – camp Šobec – Radovljica – Begunje – Tržič – Čadovlje (Dovžan Gorge) - Kovor – Radovljica – Bled) is € 8. Children up to the age of 10 ride free. The tickets are purchased on the bus. The price of the bus ticket does not include entrance fees to the museums and workshops.

Did you know that:

  • tourists that ride on the Hop-On Hop-Off bus get to see sights that other visitors rarely visit?
  • you pay just once for a daily ticket (8,00 EUR) and can hop-on and hop-off as many times as you want?
  • children up to 10 years old can ride free?
  • local guides are avilable to give tours of places along the route?
  • the guide on the bus will also point out things of interest and make suggestions to further enhance your enjoyment of the trip?

Sights of Interest Along the Way

Tržič - an old craft town with a preserved centre

  •  Friday at 10.10 am and 3.45 pm: free guided tour.
  • Meeting point: dragon from rooster's egg near the bus stop.

Kurnik House

  •  Friday at 11.30 am: baking of special local bread »flika« with sour cream and cumin and degustation from »pork's heaven«.
  • Location: Kurnik House.
  •  Entrance fee: 3 €/person, children up to 12 years of age 1,50 €.
  •  Information and booking: Tržič Museum, 00386 4 53 15 500,

Tržič Museum

  • The Tržič Museum presents the once extremely highly developed trades and crafts that were the livelihood for many Tržič residents. The museum premises are in the former Pollak dyehouse and tannery in the old forging and crafts part of Tržič along the still preserved water chutes. Of particular interest is the display of shoemaking and footwear and the display of the tradition of skiing.
  • Entrance fee: from 2,00 EUR

Mebron Foundry

Dovžan Gorge - a picturesque valley with an exceptional geological wealth - due to the construction work after the October natural disaster, the scenic educational trail, forest educational trail and the road through the gorge are closed, and guided tours are not possible.

Brezje pri Tržiču - the starting point for trails to mountain pastures

  • Hiking trails: Bistriška planina mountain pasture (easy forest trail, 1 hour).
  • Dobrča (easy hiking trail, 3 hours).


  • Rosary Trail; pilgrimage route to the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians in Brezje is unique in all the world. It has the shape of a rosary but it is so big that this is hidden to the eye. Circular walking trail, 3-4 hours.

Kamen Castle - the former castle of the Counts of Lamberg

  • Friday at 3.17 pm: free guided tour.

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