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Tominc Waterfall
Summer refreshment under the waterfall

Tominc Waterfall on Beli (White) Brook in Podljubelj is carved into a wall of conglomerate that is more than 230 million years old. After heavy rains the sound of the water echoes throughout St. Anne Valley. In summer it practically dries up, but there is still always enough water in the pool to refresh yourself after the strenuous efforts of exploring the nearby mountains.

Exit the Ljubljana – Jesenice motorway at Podtabor and turn towards Tržič and Ljubelj. Drive past Tržič and turn right in Podljubelj. Go left at the intersection, past the Ankele Inn and across the overpass. If you plan to park at the Tominc Waterfall campground, turn left, otherwise continue straight on for a bit less than a kilometre, where you can park near the waterfall where the road curves sharply left. However, since this parking area is often used as a depot for logs, it is better to park at the campground. A short footpath leads to the waterfall, which is about 50 metres distant from the parking area.

Tominc Waterfall is a natural value of national significance.

Beli Brook falls in two jets over stunning slabs of conglomerate. The midstream of the water splits at the top so that the thicker stream first glides over the smoothed and hollowed out wall and then breaks away to fall vertically into the pool below; the thinner stream finds its way somewhat off to the side and flows along a fissure right to the bottom. The water over millions of years has considerably lowered the height of the waterfall but its beauty is well worth a visit in all seasons.

In summer you can visit it on the way back from a hike in the surrounding mountains or during a cycling tour, when you can refresh tired feet and legs, while in winter the waterfall is frozen and forms captivating images.

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