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K33 - Matizovec
In the footprints of the dragon from the legend about the creation of Tržič

According to the legend about how Tržič came into being, a dragon hatched from an egg below Veliki Vrh (Big Peak) and when it grew too large a huge boulder broke off and drove the inhabitants of Podljubelj to Tržič and beyond. As you cycle towards the Matizovec farm, you will pass through an interesting landscape that attests that there really was a big rockfall from Veliki Vrh, the western part of Košuta. But will you also find traces of the dragon?


Tržič - Čegeljše - Podljubelj - Matizovec - Tržič

good to know

If you decide to take the K33a variant, be alert for possible logging and forestry work.


  • Karawanks - central part, 1:50 000, PZS
  • Storžič, 1:25 000, PZS

Rules of the trail for mountain bikers

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