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Zelenica protected climbing route

Near Zelenica Mountain Hostel (1536 m) there is a highly challenging protected climbing route - a "via ferrata" - up the south wall of the mountain Spodnji Plot. It leads up a vertical rock wall to a height of 90 m. It consists of two parts: "Instructional protected climbing route" (113 m, D), which is of moderate difficulty and is very suitable for training, and the upper right section "Sport extremely difficult via ferrata" (75m, E), which is currently the most challenging via ferrata in Slovenia.

The protected climbing route was put up in 2015 by members of the Tržič Mountaineering Club. The route is equipped with steel cables for protection and progress along the whole of the route. Other aids and forms of protection (steps, rungs) have not been fixed into the wall, and to advance along the route climbers can in addition to the cable use natural fissures, holds, and steps in the rock.

The extremely difficult via ferrata runs along the south wall of Spodnji Plot in the immediate vicinity of the mountain hostel on Zelenica. The via ferrata has the shape of the letter Y. After the first 35 metres it forks into two variants: the easier left-hand one – the "instructional protected climbing route", and the more difficult right-hand one – the "sport extremely difficult via ferrata", with both routes ending near the summit of Spodnji Plot at 1682 m. The elevation difference from start to finish is 90 m, and the total length of the route (both legs) is more than 180 metres.

This is currently the most difficult via ferrata in Slovenia (length 75 m, with three long sections of difficulty E).

The route is administered and maintained by the Zelenica Climbing Instruction Centre (GUC Zelenica) of the Tržič Mountaineering Club.

The protected climbing route is intended primarily for activities carried out within GUC Zelenica; however, other visitors also have unrestricted access to and free use of the route. Vistors should take note of the following:

  • before an ascent check the difficulty of the climbing route and make a realistic assessment of your abilities and experience;
  • have appropriate safety equipment for the ascent and know how to use it;
  • mandatory equipment: helmet, climbing harness, appropriate mountaineering footwear;
  • for the right-hand, more difficult part of the via ferrata we recommend the use of an additional short cord, rock climbing shoes, and additional rope protection as needed.

GUC Zelenica offers rental of climbing equipment (in the hostel on Zelenica), information, and guiding for ascents along the protected climbing route.

Use of the via ferrata is at your own risk.

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