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Sledding run below Storžič

Enjoy the pleasures of winter and go on a hike to Storžič Mountain Hostel, then descend into the valley along a 2800-metre-long snowy road.

From the parking lot in the hamlet of Grahovše in Lom pod Storžičem, follow the Lomščica stream from the end of the paved road in the direction of Storžič. The road will lead uphill gradually at first, then after 20 minutes of walking it will become increasingly steep. After a good hour of walking at a moderate pace, you will reach Storžič Mountain Hostel, where you can enjoy refreshments and prepare for the descent. The descent follows the same route as the ascent - along a snowy road. Although few vehicles travel this road in winter, it is not closed to traffic, so proper caution is especially important when descending.

 Sledding is at your own risk.


T: 04 594 50 50

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