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Kamnek is a scenic peak above Tržič. The top can be reached starting right from the old town centre and offers views of some of the better known mountains in the area, such as Storžič, Veliki Vrh and Begunjščica. It also offers a beautiful view of the town of Tržič.

Radetzky TRAIL

Park at the Tržič Olympians Arena. Continue back in the direction from which you came, past the bus station, and at the intersection go by the Raj Restaurant and turn into the old part of town. Go straight along the street to the Church of St. Andrew, passing by it on the left side, and continue along the same street a bit further. Soon you will see the sign "Picerija" (Pizzeria), and a trail branching off to the right through a large, old courtyard gate, which you follow past the parking area for pizzeria guests until a few metres on you see a parking lot below the castle.

From the parking lot below the castle go towards the ridge located a few metres away. A good view of Tržič will open up along the ridge, where there is also an information panel containing some history relating to the castle, which once belonged to Count Radetzky.

At this lookout point, turn left and start climbing along a pleasant forest path along the slope of Kamnek. A few meters later, another path joins from the bottom right (this leads from the parking lot in front of the Tržič Olympians Arena where there is a second option to start the ascent). Then follow the well-visible and well-trodden path, which is marked several times with markings and directional arrows. After a few minutes of walking you will reach gardens with a few garden sheds and small cottages, where a large marking will be attached to a sign on the garden fence, directing you in the middle, along a wide path uphill.

The other half of the trail is a bit steeper, and after about an hour of walking along the slope you will reach a ridge from where there is not a particularly good view. The path from the ridge onwards climbs somewhat more steeply, and the last few dozen metres below the top is very steep. You will soon reach the top, where a bench and a registration book are set up, and the Slovenian flag flutters on a high pole. The view is very beautiful on all sides: you can see Dobrča, Stol, Begunjščica, the whole of Košuta, the Dovžan Gorge, the Lom Valley, Storžič, Kriška Gora and more.

Milan's TRAIL

Go through the old town centre and continue past the Church of St. Andrew and the pizzeria. After going by the pizzeria, continue along the paved road in the direction of Dobrča by way of Ravne and Kofce past Završnik. The road soon forks: take the upper road (Dobrča slightly left), which will take you past a few houses and a cross

A few dozen metres from the cross, where there is a sign for traffic-calming obstacles, veer right along a side road that climbs towards some nearby gardens. Follow the poorly maintained road above the gardens and past a water supply facility, which you will pass to the right of. Above it the road finally turns into a cart track, which leads into a forest through which it climbs moderately. Continue along a wider track, where you turn left, and leave the track shortly before it ends, turning sharply right along the well-trodden Milan's Trail.

The path continues to climb, and then leads you to a small saddle north of Kamnek. Here you continue to the right, first along an overgrown ridge, which you follow to a top a few minutes away.

Nearby paths:

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