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Pr' Stan Apartment**

Pr' Stan Apartment is located in the Tržič Bistrica River Valley. The surrounding area offers a wealth of opportunities for active outdoor holidays.

This sunny apartment has two double rooms, a large living room with two beds and a mini kitchen. Between the living room and the bedroom is a bathroom with toilet. Guests may also make use of a large room for playing table tennis. 

The apartment is far from the hustle and bustle of the city and thus ideal for a restful getaway, while also being an excellent starting point for mountain hiking. You can also take a day to visit nearby destinations such as Bled, Bohinj, Kropa and Radovljica for sightseeing.


APP 1/4 + 2

Additional amenities

Free WiFi is available in all areas, and there is cable TV in the living room with more than 200 channels. Free parking is available in front of the apartment. A washing machine and dryer may be used for an extra charge.


Breakfast is available by arrangement for an extra charge.


French, German, English, Croatian, and Arabic (as spoken in Morocco) are spoken. Pets are allowed, with certain restrictions.

Other activities

yoga, chess, table tennis, French language instruction

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