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Planina Apartment House

Planina Apartment House is located in the sunny village of Leše at the foot of the mountain of Dobrča. With two fully equipped apartments, it offers enjoyment to nature-lovers in all four seasons. From the terrace of the apartments there are beautiful views towards Brezje and Jelovica.

In each apartment the living room is connected with the kitchen and dining area in an open space that offers the opportunity for pleasant socializing. The kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher and microwave oven. There also two bathrooms, each equipped with a shower.


APP: 2/2+2+4

Each apartment consists of three bedrooms: two bedrooms with two beds and one with four beds (2 bunk beds).

Additional amenities

Garden, grill, free WiFi, children's playground, use of a garage, washer and dryer, hairdryer, children's crib and chair, satellite TV, pet-friendly.

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