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Storžič Mountain Hostel

Storžič Mountain Hostel (1123m) is located at the upper end of the Lom Valley, near the mighty north wall of Storžič. From Tržič it is accessible by way of Lom pod Storžičem and Grahovše. A number of hiking trails lead past the hostel to Storžič, Javornik, Tolsti Vrh and Košuta. The Purple Trail of the Via Alpina also passes by here.

Regardless of whether you arrive on foot, by mountain bike, or by car, there is always time for a rest and a hot meal served by the host at Storžič Mountain Hostel.


The hostel is known for its good food, prepared on a wood stove. Specialities are one-pot meals, homemade pasta with wild garlic, porcini mushrooms, and bacon, mushroom and wild garlic soup with cottage cheese dumplings, layered cake, apple strudel, and cottage cheese dumplings with cranberries. During the summer season they also offer weekend mountain lunches (meat and vegetarian).


  • Inside the hostel 60 persons
  • outdoor tables 60 persons

Accommodation (55 beds)

  • rooms with two or three beds
  • rooms with four beds
  • 4 rooms with six beds each

Additional amenities

  • children's playground
  • bocce court

Opening hours

  • from 1 June to 30 September: nonstop
  • off season: weekends and holidays, and during the week for organized groups by arrangement with the host


  • access is also possible by car
  • pets welcome

Storžič right at hand

Storžič Mountain Hostel is an excellent starting point for climbing Storžič from the north side along the challenging route through Žrelo or the somewhat longer challenging route by way of Mala Poljana or Psica. Climbers are probably most familiar with the Kramar route that goes by the bivouac below Storžič. For the return trip we recommend the marked trail across Škarjev Rob.

Here and there to nearby summits

A well-maintained marked hiking trail leads across Mala Poljana torwards Tolsti Vrh and Kriška Gora, while towards the north, trail markings direct you to Javornik Pass (Javorniški preval) towards Močnik Saddle (Močnikovo sedlo) and to the mountain of Stegovnik. A very beautiful and interesting summit is also Ženiklovec, which affords a spectacular view, and a bit further on you can find Konjščica with its Thematic Trail.

In winter don't forget to bring a sled

The advantageous shaded location makes possible the preparation of sledding runs in white winters along the forest road between Grahovše and the hostel.

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