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Live nativity scene

This event revives old customs in celebrating the Christmas holidays. After the performance of the Christmas story, young children are delighted by a visit from Santa Claus, who provides entertainment and gifts.

Local actors stage a play in connection with the celebration of Christmas. The stage is set up below the village linden tree, by the Church of St. Ulrich in Žiganja Vas, which imbues the performance with a special charm.

At 5 pm the village fair begins, where nearby farmers and craftspeople offer their goods and wares, and there are also some very old nativity scenes on display, most of them from cobblers' homesteads. After the play there is a visit by Santa Claus at 6 pm, who provides entertainment and gifts for the children.  At the conclusion of the cultural programme there is a party and local celebration of the new year with music.

As part of the event there is an organized walk along the Three Bells Trail on Saturday 17 December at 3:30 pm.

Date of the next event

venerdì, 20. dicembre 2019 - sabato, 21. dicembre 2019

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