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Rekar Farm

From Rekar Farm, which has a black kitchen, there is a beautiful view of Kriška Gora, Triglav, Jamnik, Lesce and Radovljica.

The farm, which has an organic farming certificate, raises fallow deer.

The farm is an excellent starting point for ascents of nearby mountains and mountain pastures: Javornik, Konjščica, Stegovnik, Storžič, Kriška Gora, the mountain hostel below Storžič …all  inviting destinations. Or if you prefer you can observe birds or discover the fascinating world of wild animals. When the first snow falls a moonlight sledding run is an unforgettable experience.


There are eight beds available in two rooms.

Selection of foods

Wild game goulash, stuffed rabbit, roast veal, venison and veal steaks, rabbit pate, mushroom soup, porridge, dumplings, masovnek, and innovatively prepared vegetable dishes. 


35 persons


Advance reservations required for groups.

Getting there

From Ljubljana drive past Kranj through Tržič and the village of Lom pod Storžičem, Grahovše or Slaparska Vas. From there you will be guided to the farm by signs.

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