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Tržič Street Race

A town squeezed into a narrow valley may seem like an unusual running destination, but the route that goes through the old town centre by the Church of St. Andrew, the birthplace of the poet Kurnik, and the Tržič Olympians Arena ... will not disappoint. A lively town pulse, attractive prizes, and many different events all produce an added incentive for all runners.

The race is open to all age groups. At 10:30 families with young children will set off on their 400-metre long course, at 10:45 primary school children will start their run, and at 11:30 there is the recreational run of 5 km for women and 10 km for men, and the veterans national championship and Alpe Adria Cup for adults in race walking.

Datum van het volgende evenement

zaterdag, 4. april 2020

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