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Balkan Campers - fun VW camper vans for hire

At Balkan Campers you can hire VW camper vans for road trips filled with fun, freedom and nostalgia.

The vans, equipped with three-point set belts and thus suitable for families with children, can be hired for a three-night minimum. Prices are especially good in spring and fall.

The vans can be picked up in Tržič, where there is also a service garage. Our drivers can take you to the pickup location from the city of Ljubljana or the Ljubljana, Zagreb, or Trieste airports.

All of our vans, including older ones, are regularly serviced and hire includes 24-hour roadside assistance.

For completely carefree holidays, we also offer a 'No Worries' insurance package for an additional fee. In addition to the van you can hire extra equipment such as bikes, a grill, bedding, electric heater, a fun package and more.

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