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Do you remember the last time you discovered a place from which you had no particular expectations? Of course you remember, you still tell family and friends about it today… And not just about the place, you talk about the experience, you relive the memories you created there, you want to return to a piece of paradise on Earth that surprised and delighted you. You are talking about, and will continue to talk about, Tržič. Devote a day, a weekend, or a week to Tržič and its surroundings, and every hour will be spent fully, every moment will bring a new surprise and a dose of adrenaline pumping through your veins when you traverse the longest Slovenian mountain, bike down an almost vertical dirt trail or simply slide off the edge of a mountain, held aloft by a parachute. Or you can simply enjoy the peace and quiet in the abundance of trails that wind through the pristine natural environment, where you will meet the little known friend of silence. Discover Tržič on your own or with your loved ones. Start from the southern part, where you will be amazed by the mystical Udin Woods Landscape Park, or from the north, where the majestic Karawanks reign over the border between Slovenia and Austria. In you west you can explore St. Anne Mine, nestled between the mountains of Begunjščica and Dobrča, and in the east awaits the refreshing Stegovnik Waterfall. In the heart of this diverse landscape is the town of Tržič, which enchants every visitor with its historic town centre, renowned museum, galleries, tradition of crafts, and authenticity. Tržič is where three valleys and two rivers come together, but when you discover these parts, it will also become a crossroads for your unforgettable adventures and memories, which you will talk about and relive for many years to come.


Take a walk through the lovely town centre of Tržič to the Tržič Museum, where you will learn about the rich craft heritage of the town. Continue to the nearby world-famous Dovžan Gorge, which has become a synonym for Tržič. From there your route and the promise of good food will take you even higher, until you reach the pastures below Košuta, where you can enjoy delicious Tržič delicacies such as dumplings, sour milk, and masovnek, among others. In the Podljubelj Valley, you can experience total darkness as you explore St. Anne Mine. Just below the border crossing, the memorial park of the former Ljubelj labour camp and the recently renovated memorial room in a nearby inn will remind you of the dark moments of history. Higher up is Zelenica, the starting point for climbing mountains that only the boldest will stand atop of.


Thematic trails are just the thing for discovering less populated corners of Tržič. Follow the Three Bells, the Rosary Trail or the trail to the picturesque viewpoint of Kamnek above Tržič. Here, in addition to the abundance of trails, there are plenty of mountain pastures and peaks shyly beckoning you closer. Discover lesser known pastures such as Šija, Pungrat, Tegoška, Dolga Njiva, Konjščica, Javornik, Lešanska, Kal and many others.



The way to the heart is through the stomach, and Tržič will also entice you with its culinary delights. There is something for everyone here - from authentic traditional dishes to modern cuisine that will delight the taste buds. One thing is certain, you will definitely not go hungry in Tržič!

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