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Discover the mountains and the paths of the dragon. Experience the legend of Alpine Slovenia.

The town seems like a nest, no matter how you approach it, either through Ljubelj or the foothills of the Karavanks. It’s surrounded by hills and Slovenia’s longest mountain range. Here you’ll be safe from everything, but the dragon. Go mountain biking, sport climbing, parachuting or set off to the hills on foot. Stop for a moment, check your heart rate and take a look around – these winding routes and split mountains were created by the force of the dragon.

The Dovžan gorge, one of the most spectacular in Slovenia, looks like the dragon's outdoor gym! The people of Tržič believe that our town was created when the dragon rambled across the Karavanks. It dwelt at the Košuta ridge, breaking all the rocks, and drove the mountain people down to the valley. They took refuge at Tržič. Now the town is the best starting point for discovering Central and Alpine Slovenia, from Ljubljana to Bled and onwards.

Book your bed at one of our tourist farms with a view or go glamping. We have put together 4 ideal programme propositions; for adventurers, active families, families with small children and romantics. Discover the dragon kingdom of nature and a plethora of trails. Behold the town’s legend hiding in the green pocket of north-west Slovenia.

(Re)Discover Tržič with Adele in Slovenia

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