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Tržič lies in the embrace of mountains that were tossed around by a crazy dragon according to a legend. Alpine slopes of Karavanke Mountains are a true dragon’s playground inviting to visit the heart opening heights in all seasons. We, the people from Tržič, love to visit the mountains in the winter. Snow is simply in our genes. Throughout the year, we cannot wait to feel the cool powdery snow on our hot cheeks and our dragon’s blood boiling. In Tržič, nobody remains cold in winter.

Be a winter dragon on skis

Awaken the dragon in you and slide down the untouched slopes of the mountains of Tržič on backcountry skis. Bold dragon’s curves on the powdery snow cover and picturesque views high from the mountains will take your breath away. The natural snow toboggans of the dragon’s kingdom will surely stay in your heart. If you are still feeling unsure on backcountry skis, muster some dragon’s courage in the Zelenica Mountaineering Educational Centre. There, you will make your first steps into the world of backcountry skiing, hire the necessary equipment as well as a guide for your off-piste adventures.

Be a winter dragon on sleigh

The youngest dragons and everyone looking to have some fun will surely love to zigzag down the slopes on a sleigh. Climb to Ljubelj, the oldest road mountain pass in Europe. During the winter, it turns into the steepest sledding track. A dragon’s descent on a sleigh will make your heart race. If you are looking for a special adventure, mount your sleigh at night and fly into the valley like a dragon.

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