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Wake up your dragon spirit – let's go hiking and cycling

In Tržič, we know how to wake up a dragon. This is how we nickname our sporty spirit which draws us outdoor, in the mountains and forests, on foot or by bike, higher and further. Bad mood and stress start to break up as the stones in the old times, when a real dragon came to life inside the mountain ridge called Košuta in Karavanke range.

A legend about the dragon and the character of Tržič people

Once upon a time the dragon grew up above Tržič. Nobody knows why a little dragon transformed into a huge beast with the power to crush and split the mountain in two. This triggered a rockslide and inhabitants ran into the valley in order to save their soul. They stopped right here, where the present-day Tržič is. Many Tržič inhabitants still have a dragon spirit and will. Certainly, among them are our snowboarder Žan Košir, a three-time Olympic medallist, and Klemen Premrl, ice climber and conqueror of the most demanding ice climbing routes in the world. Come and wake up your dragon spirit, too, in Tržič mountains and on the trails that you don’t need to share with a bunch of other cyclists and hikers. The dragon needs a lot of space for itself and here you will always find it as well.

A kingdom of trails in the Karawanks Alps

In the summer, the kingdom of the longest Slovenian mountain range called Karawanks, offers an abundance of hiking and alpine climbing routes for mountaineers as well as marked trails for mountain and touring bikers nearby the Slovenian capital Ljubljana (45 min from Tržič) and Kranj, the centre of Gorenjska region (30 min from Tržič). From a picturesque old town you can set off in the hill and in a very short time you find yourself in the middle of pristine nature.

Dragon’s hiking, climbing and cycling feats

In nature and away from the crowd, all the senses and thoughts become clear, either on foot, on the bike or during the climb. Therefore, as stubborn and sporty people from Tržič say: wake up your dragon! Come to meet and greet our petrified dragon, a sculpture which became a special guard of the town and a starting point for walks and trips across Tržič region. Every weekend, you can discover a new dragon path.

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