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Close your eyes, take a deep breath of the fresh winter air that sinks deep into your lungs, listen to the sound of your touring skis as they cut into the virgin snow, of the children playfully sledding down the nearby hill, of the half-frozen, sinuous creek that trickles unobtrusively behind the snowy hill, or of the music and laughter that can be heard from the festively decorated town centre of Tržič. All this and much more awaits you in the Tržič region in winter! Here, the peaks still put on their white caps, the forests abound with freshly fallen feathery snow, and the mountains beckon irresistibly, promising the joys of winter.

Tržič offers activities and attractions in abundance even on the shortest days of the year. After a full day of skiing, sledding or skating, stroll through the town centre with its unique decorations, bake Tržič flika (a special type of local bread) in Kurnik House, and warm up in the Tržič Museum.

Discover a crowdless paradise on skis

You know there’s no better feeling than descending the slopes on virgin snow amidst spectacular mountain scenery. In the Tržič region opportunities for ski touring are as abundant as the paths that take you through this crowdless paradise. The cradle of Slovenian skiing is guaranteed to inspire you.

Discover a crowdless paradise on a sled

Just around the corner … and you’re in one of the few Slovenian destinations that offers sledding adventures on an abundance of natural trails. Go from under Storžič to Ljubelj or Zelenica, everywhere you’ll create exceptional memories of thrilling winter adventures.

Winter is a fairy-tale time when everything is possible, everything is achievable, when we feel close to one another, when you discover a crowdless paradise that will keep you busy until spring!

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