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Crowdless paradise

Discover a crowdless paradise in the heart of the Karawanks, offering the natural beauty, range of activities, and comforts of larger, better known destinations, but where the visitor will also find peace and quiet and unique experiences far from the bustle of tourists thronging “classic” tourist destinations. In Tržič you can still experience authentic contact with local people, delight in unspoilt nature, sample tasty dishes from home-produced ingredients, sip water directly from a clear mountain stream, lie in a flower-filled meadow, and breathe in fresh mountain air.
Discover a crowdless paradise where the land is greener, the sky is bluer, and the experience more genuine. A place where the freedom of the spirit knows no bounds. Set off across wide open spaces on foot or by bike, or experience the thrill of paragliding above them. Do you know the feeling of adrenaline rushing through your veins as you gaze at the distant views from a summit just conquered, and already start charting new routes up heavenly peaks that beckon temptingly? Do you know the feeling when your heart beats faster as you laze guilt-free in a mountain meadow along an alpine brook and know that it’s summer, that you’re in no hurry to go anywhere, and that the sun will keep shining well into the evening hours? There’s something for everyone here, from the natural attractions already mentioned to the rich local history, topped off by a lively social scene.
Discover a piece of the cultural mosaic in the old town centre of Tržič when a busy housewife greets you from a "firbc" (prying) window, eavesdrop on the secrets of artisans and craftsmen in the Tržič Museum, bake a special local bread called “flika” in the black kitchen of Kurnik House, more than 250 years old. Tržič is more than just the town, there are also charming villages that surround it like a necklace of pearls, where life still moves at a calmer pace, where people greet one another on the street, where everyone is welcome to discover the secrets of generations that are embedded in the essence of the place.
Discover a crowdless paradise, and maybe you’ll even find the Tržič dragon before you leave!

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