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Slovenian Skiing Museum

The Slovenian Skiing Museum is a unit of the Tržič Museum and is housed in Pollak Cottage. This is no coincidence, as Tržič is one of the cradles of skiing in Slovenia.

The exhibition on the history of skiing presents the first beginnings of skiing as a form of transport and its later development into a sport. Periods dating back to ancient times all the way to modern ski champions are presented with fascinating data, unique objects and rare archival image and video material. The successes of Slovenian champions who turned skiing into a national sport – Bojan Križaj, Mateja Svet and Žan Košir – are particularly highlighted.

Did you know that ...

thirty-five individuals from Tržič have competed at the Olympic Games? Snowboarder Žan Košir won three Olympic medals.

The exhibition shows the earliest use of skis. As far back as in prehistoric times, people used them to help them move more easily across snow-covered terrain.

Did you know that ...

skiers from Bloke also skied in this way? Valvasor wrote about Bloke skiing in the 17th century, the first mention of skiing in Central and Southern Europe.

Later, skiing developed into a sport and leisure activity. A rich collection of old skis and bindings shows the development of skis over time. It includes everything from Bloke skis to modern-day state-of-the-art skis, as well as the rest of the equipment: ski poles, boots and clothing. The method of making skis the old way, in bicycle workshops, is shown.

Did you know that ...

the invention of Zdarsky's bindings and skiing technique is considered the beginning of alpine skiing? You can see a ski with this binding in our museum.

Part of the collection is dedicated to the beginnings and development of skiing in Tržič, with the presentation of Tržič champions from the first golden era when Tržič natives won national championships and qualified for international championships, to Jože Šlibar, Andrej Jerman, Andreja Grašič Koblar, David Primožič and others.

Did you know that ...

Tržič native Jože Šlibar became the first Slovene to set a ski jumping world record in 1961? His achievement was not repeated until 2015, when Peter Prevc set a new one.

The wall of fame is dedicated to our best alpine skiers who have won medals in the biggest competitions. Slovenian champions Bojan Križaj, Mateja Svet and Žan Košir have a very special place at the exhibition.

Did you know that ...

Bojan Križaj and Mateja Svet have donated most of the items from their sporting journeys to the Tržič Museum? On display are, among other things, the medal for the first victory in the World Cup for Slovenian skiing in general and the first Slovenian women's Olympic medal from the Winter Olympics.


Tržič Museum, Muzejska 11, 4290 Tržič
T: 04 53 15 500

Opening hours

From Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. The museum is closed on Mondays, 1 January, Easter Sunday, 1 November, and 25 December. Groups may arrange a visit by appointment.

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