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Tržič Museum

The Tržič Museum presents the once extremely highly developed trades and crafts that were the livelihood for many Tržič residents. The museum premises are in the former Pollak dyehouse and tannery in the old forging and crafts part of Tržič along the still preserved water chutes. Of particular interest is the display of shoemaking and footwear and the display of the tradition of skiing.

The richest collection of shoes and shoemaking in Slovenia

The cobblery exhibition of the Tržič Museum represents the richest collection of shoes and shoemaking in Slovenia - both with respect to the number of items and amount of content on display as well as with respect to the tradition of shoemaking that characterizes this area.

The basis of the Tržič cobblery exhibition is composed of more than 500 selected items that tell the story of the work and life of shoemakers in the past. Alongside it various settings are presented using audiovisual materials which supplement the exhibition premises, as well as interactive corners for children and adults.

Skiing Museum

The newly erected Slovenian Skiing Museum presents important content from the rich history of Tržič and Slovenian skiing.

On permanent exhibition is a display of the history of skiing from the first testimonies in prehistoric times, the earliest notes by Janez Vajkard Valvasor about skiing in Bloke from 1689 and the development of skiing right up to the present day. Tržič skiers occupy a special place in the exhibition; they first participated in the Winter Olympic Games in 1948 and the most notable results of Jože Šlibar, Bojan Križaj, Andrej Jerman and Žan Košir are presented. Part of the exhibition is devoted to the great names of Slovenian alpine skiers, who achieved the highest successes at the Olympic Games, world championships and winners of the World Cup.

Leather of all colours

This permanent exhibition of the history of the Tržič tannery craft shows the tradition and life of Tržič tanners, the tanning process, and the uses of leather today and in the past.

Children can learn about the features of the tanning tradition in an enjoyable and interactive way in Jaka the Deer's corner.

A variety of crafts collections

In addition to the two exhibitions mentioned, the Tržič Museum also houses other trades and crafts collections (cartwright trade, blueprinting, and textiles), and one of the rooms is dedicated to the Baron Born family, who left their mark on life in Jelendol and beyond in Tržič from the end of the 19th to the middle of the 20th century.

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contact and more information

Tržič Museum Muzejska 11, 4290 Tržič
T: 04 53 15 500

Opening hours

From Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. The museum is closed on holidays except for 8 February. It is also open by arrangement to groups booked in advance.

Entrance fee

  • families: 7 EUR,
  • children, students, and retired: 2 EUR,
  • adults: 3 EUR
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