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Let's go for some dumplings, let's go to Kofce

Kofce is the westernmost mountain pasture extending along the grassy southern slope of Košuta. It is just like the high mountain pasture of our dreams: a crystal clear blue sky, a sunlit mountain pasture, proud peaks above and a cottage in the middle. Inside the cottage and in front of it a bustle of happy hikers, young and old, enjoying home-cooked food.

It's a three and a half hour walk to the mountain pasture of Kofce from Tržič, and you'll arrive just hungry enough to be ready to sample the home-made dumplings and other good things to eat that the mountain hostel on Kofce is known for all across Slovenia.

If you climb a bit more than 100 metres from the hostel, you'll come to a viewpoint with benches, where you can enjoy views of the Ljubljana Basin below you, the north wall of Storžič, Stegovnik and Veliki Javornik, the south slope of Begunjščica and Preval and of course of Košuta behind you. The hostel is an excellent starting point for an ascent of Veliki Vrh, Kofce Gora, Kladivo and Škrbina and of course for traversing Košuta. For those who love mountain pastures there is a pleasant path leading through the pastures below Košuta all the way to Dolga Njiva.

If you set out for Kofce with young children, we suggest taking a shorter route, for example past the Matizovec farm or past the wayside shrine.

Kofce is a great destination in winter as well; you won't be able to get soured milk in the cottage but the ascent on touring skis or snowshoes, also with a headlamp, is a truly exhilarating experience.


  • Karawanks-central part 1:50 000, PZS
  • Storžič - Košuta 1:25 000, PZS

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