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Let's go for some dumplings, let's go to Kofce

Kofce is the westernmost mountain pasture extending along the grassy southern slope of Košuta. It is just like the high mountain pasture of our dreams: a crystal clear blue sky, a sunlit mountain pasture, proud peaks above and a cottage in the middle. Inside the cottage and in front of it a bustle of happy hikers, young and old, enjoying home-cooked food.

Start in Tržič

In Tržič, turn left into the old town and drive past the church of St. Andrew. Below the Pod Gradom Pizzeria turn right through the renovated castle entrance and park in the parking lot at Neuhaus Castle.

From the parking lot, go down the stairs and continue to the left along a wide path that leads above the primary school and the Tržič Olympians Arena. A little further on is the castle sign, better known as the French sign, where French soldiers were supposedly buried during the Napoleonic era. Here you will continue towards the Radetzky Trail.

To Kamnik

Along a moderate ascent, an arrow on a tree directs you to the right, past nearby peaks. Above the gardens, the trail climbs steeply through the forest, towards the peak called Kamnik (also Kamnjek, Kamnek), which affords a scenic view. The slope of Kamnik was once bare of trees but Radetzky, after a fire in 1811, had it afforested with various tree species. Today European red pine predominates.

Follow the signposts and ascend to Kamnik, or you can also go around it along the marked trail on the left. From the top there is a beautiful view of the Tržič Bistrica and Mošenik valleys, which merge right in Tržič, and to the north the Karawanks are already visible.

To Kal, where paths meet

From the scenic ridge you will come to a forest and start descending. But only for a short time, then comes a moderate ascent to Pirmance. Go around nearby Veliki Vrh along its right slope. After crossing a scenic grassy slope, which the locals named after the nearby farm Počivalnik (pr Počiva'v or Počivav'nek), descend to a gravel road, cross it and continue along a wide farm track to a nearby holiday cottage. From there go slightly right onto a trail that climbs steeply through the forest.

Later on the trail levels out and leads to a farm track. Follow it and descend to a small saddle, where you continue slightly to the right. Following a wider, less steep trail, you will arrive at Kal in 10 minutes, where two more trails meet yours; the first from Podljubelj and the second from Dolina. Here there is a signposted turnoff for Kofce via Ravne.

Just a little further to Kofce mountain pasture

The trail then leads over varied terrain through a zone of low vegetation, across scenic slopes, then goes through forest again and along the edge of some rocky cliffs, including past some small caves. It then levels out and leads across a plateau with a view of Košuta. Cross the forest road that leads to Kofce mountain pasture. You will soon reach the parking area at the end of that same road. From here, along a wide farm track, you will reach Kofce pasture in fifteen minutes and then it is only a five-minute ascent to Kofce Mountain Hostel.

Sweet treats from Kofce Mountain Hostel

It's a three and a half hour walk to the mountain pasture of Kofce from Tržič, and you'll arrive just hungry enough to be ready to sample the home-made dumplings and other good things to eat that the mountain hostel on Kofce is known for all across Slovenia.

If you climb a bit more than 100 metres from the hostel, you'll come to a viewpoint with benches, where you can enjoy views of the Ljubljana Basin below you, the north wall of Storžič, Stegovnik and Veliki Javornik, the south slope of Begunjščica and Preval and of course of Košuta behind you. The hostel is an excellent starting point for an ascent of Veliki Vrh, Kofce Gora, Kladivo and Škrbina and of course for traversing Košuta. For those who love mountain pastures there is a pleasant path leading through the pastures below Košuta all the way to Dolga Njiva.

A shorter route for shorter legs

If you set out for Kofce with young children, we suggest taking a shorter route, for example past the Matizovec farm or past the wayside shrine.

Kofce is a great destination in winter as well; you won't be able to get soured milk in the cottage but the ascent on touring skis or snowshoes, also with a headlamp, is a truly exhilarating experience.


  • Karawanks-central part 1:50 000, PZS
  • Storžič - Košuta 1:25 000, PZS
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