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Mebron Tržič

The casting of various metals into moulds represented one of the cornerstones for the development of simple societies into advanced civilizations. At our museum you can view some highlights from the development of one of the most complex crafts in the world, which has been in existence for several thousand years.

Metal casting is one of the world's oldest crafts yet also still a current activity. Metal casting first appeared in the 7th century BC, when the earliest bronze castings were made.

In the distant past the activity of metal casting was used primarily for military purposes in the production of weapons. Today this activity has been redirected to creating works of art and items for everyday use. Metal casting today is associated with fields such as architecture, sculpture, and model-making. Casting tehnology has advanced to the point that today skilled metal workers make products such as antique fittings, handles, statues, and decorative objects. Casting used to be done using sand moulds but today many others techniques are used.


This interesting custom was preserved in Tržič up to the beginning of the 20th century as a way of predicting the future through the pouring of molten lead into water. It was associated with the twelve days between Christmas and Three Kings Day. According to belief, on those days the world was supposedly once again open to good and evil, as people claimed in the past. It was believed that it was possible for some wise people with the gift of divination to look into the future and foretell events to come by pouring lead in water.

Slovenes used to call the last day of the year the old year, and the evening of that same day the second holy evening, later St. Sylvester's. The last evening of the old year was when they foretold the future with the help of lead, making prophecies about health, fortune, love, and friendship based on the forms it took in water. This rite was performed at midnight after a noisy celebration: families or groups poured molten lead into a pan filled with water. If the solidified lead displayed the shape of a cat, that meant hypocrisy, a spider would bring misfortune, a horse revealed to a country girl meant that she would marry a farm boy, if to a town girl, a military officer on horseback etc.


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