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Skiing on virgin powder

If you're a lover of mountains and skiing, a trip to Tržič will make your heart sing with joy. Here you'll find a spectacular kingdom for ski touring – from easy routes that anyone can follow to more challenging ones that involve ski mountaineering;  from those that can be enjoyed with the first snowfall to those that take you through the landscape on the soft snow of late spring.

They say that Tržič has the best powder in the land.

Anyone who has already tried it knows. Experienced skiers like to make their winter treks to the natural ski areas along the many slopes of Stol, Košuta, and Kriška Gora. For first attempts at ski touring Zelenica is the most suitable location. Zelenica Mountain Hostel was rebuilt after a fire and is well known for the Mountaineering Instruction Centre housed there.

Half of ski touring involves a winter hike uphill.

And this is where Tržič has a lot to offer. Most popular are the ascents from Kofce to Veliki Vrh and to Kladivo. Many are also familiar with the winter wonders of Tegoška Gora, Košutnik Tower, Tolsta Košuta, Dobrča, Veliki Javornik, and a number of others. There are many different routes. The season starts with the first snowfall, an enchanting occasion every year anew.

You can enjoy skiing over the whole of a long winter.

Ski touring is one of the best activities you can do in winter in the mountains. Skiing on the best powder in Slovenia on a crystal clear afternoon is an experience never to be forgotten..

Ski touring routes

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