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Mountain kingdom of stories and wonders

The Tržič area is a paradise for romantic seekers of mystery. Older inhabitants of Tržič know that once there were dragons roaming here. One of them is responsible for the creation of Tržič. Today, when apparently the dragons are no more, there is a pervasive feeling of tranquility and infinite beauty along the forest and mountain trails. But the traveller through these parts should not be lulled by this - here every stone has its own story.

There are a thousand such stories in the Dovžan Gorge alone.

There are thousands of fossils to be found in the gorge's 300-million-year-old walls, dating from the times when even dragons did not yet exist. The roads in the Tržič area are not as old, but they do date from the time of ancient Rome, when carts and wagons rattled along them through Loibl Pass. Today an annual race of vintage cars takes place below the pass.

The views to be had from here are will take your breath away.

Tržič offers a wealth of stunning routes for walkers, hikers, climbers, mountain bikers, campers, lovers of adventure sports, hang gliders, paragliders, backcountry skiers, ski jumpers, snowboarders,  fishermen, and hunters as well as for historians, geologists, poets, and lovers of everything beautiful.

Many famous people have lived here.

For example, Marshal Radetzky, known to the world from Strauss's Radetzky March. Here is where one of the most famous women astronauts in the world, Sunita Williams, can trace her roots, as can the first world record-setter in ski jumping, Jože Šlibar, the initiator of alpine skiing mania Bojan Križaj and Olympic snownboarder Žan Košir. Which comes as no surprise, according to the locals.

Tržič is a place where all the stories are true.

In Tržič everything is possible and everything is true. If you don't believe that, come see for yourself!

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