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Discover a crowdless paradise

With its exclusive location close to the border with Austria, Slovenia’s largest airport, and within easy reach of the most popular gems in the country such as Bled, Bohinj, Ljubljana, and Kranjska Gora, Tržič offers a true oasis of peace, whose natural beauty makes an impression on even the most discerning of visitors. Here nature has remained as authentic as the heritage and people of Tržič. Here is a place for exploring, decompressing and relaxing in the great outdoors, as well as learning about the culture and history of the Tržič area.

Discover a crowdless paradise on two feet

Discover a kingdom of pathways without end, taking you to majestic summits, through fragrant forests, romantic town centres and charming villages. There’s a path for everyone, whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a family on a relaxing ramble after lunch.

Discover a crowdless paradise on two wheels

A true paradise for cyclists, Tržič as a Slovenia Green Destination offers you a wide variety of possible routes and levels of difficulty, from easy recreational rides to those that will soon leave you panting from exertion. You can set off on trails through fairly level fields, but sooner or later the terrain in Tržič becomes increasingly vertical.

Discover a crowdless paradise from a bird’s-eye view

The altitude and thrill will make you dizzy, but paragliding is the most spectacular way to discover Tržič. This destination is one of the few in Slovenia offering as many as three popular takeoff points for the most beautiful view stretching from Ljubljana to Mt. Triglav and scenes of vibrant nature far and wide.

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