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Museum detective trail

What mysteries are concealed in the museum? Set off along the secret detective trail through the museum collections and explore museum mysteries in a fun and educational way.

Head through the old town centre of Tržič towards Neuhaus Castle. Along the way, you can see the Church of St. Andrew and head up to the castle hill. Turn left at the Pizzeria Pod gradom and go down the narrow streets to the Tržič Museum. You will receive a guide to the museum detective trail when you buy a family ticket. The guide is designed as a secret diary for children that takes the whole family through interesting museum collections in the company of Jaka the Deer. In this way you learn about the museum collections in a fun and educational way and discover the hidden corners of the museum. Interactive corners are highlighted, where you can touch, smell, listen, and become more familiar with the topics the museum presents.


From the museum you can go to Kurnik House, the oldest house in Tržič. To get there go from the Church of St. Andrew past the " firb'c okna" (convex window) along Partizanska Street. Cross the bridge over the Tržič Bistrica and there you will see the oldest house in Tržič.

contact and more information

Tržič Museum Muzejska 11, 4290 Tržič
T: 04 53 15 500

Opening hours

From Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. The museum is closed on holidays except for 8 February. It is also open by arrangement to groups booked in advance.

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