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Kriška Gora
Across Mala and Velika Mizica to a panoramic view

From the Tržič Basin you can reach the scenic top of Kriška Gora after an ascent of two and a half hours. Before you is an elevation gain of 956 metres, but with every step you are closer to an unforgettable view. The trail is less travelled than the two that lead to Kriška Gora from Zgornje Vetrno or Gozd, and so there will be more than enough time to clear your mind.

When you arrive in Tržič park your car at one of the pubic parking areas. Just before the bus station on the right-hand side of Predilniška Road there is a retaining wall with a stairway in the middle. Beside the stairs is a sign for the Via Alpina since the route of the Purple Trail passes directly through the city.

The Church of St. Joseph

Climb the concrete stairs, cross Za Virjem Street and walk along the farm track to the Church of St. Joseph. This church was built on the hill above Tržič in 1704. It burned down in 1959, but was completely restored in less than ten years. It is of interest mainly for the Renaissance ceiling dating from 1689, which was transferred to it from the church of St. George.

Take a moment here to enjoy the view of Tržič, with Begunjščica in the background.

To the top of Kriška Gora by way of two “tables”

Above the church turn into the forest on the western slope of Kukovnica. In half an hour you will reach the viewpoint on Velika Mizica (“Big Table”) after first crossing Mala Mizica (“Little Table”), where you can look at the town below for the last time. The path is quite steep in several sections, but at an elevation of about a thousand metres you will have reached the main ridge and will walk along the gently ascending trail all the way to the hut. Kriška Gora Hut was named the best high mountain lodge in 2020!

After two hours of walking you'll intersect the trail that leads up Kriška Gora from Zgornje Vetrno. As you walk towards the hut and a well-deserved meal you can observe the fields, forests, and settlements of the Ljubljana Basin all the way from Ljubjana past Kranj and as far as Radovljica.

In the summertime you can even see the afternoon sun reflected off the waters of Lake Bled. There are also alluring views of the hills to the south and the rocky summits of the Julian Alps, crowned by Triglav. To the east the eye will be drawn to Tolsti Vrh and Storžič and the Tržič Karawanks, and you'll be tempted to climb one of the nearby peaks.

You can also extend the route if desired

If your feet are still itchy, you can set off on an hour-long walk to Tolsti Vrh; if you go by way of Mala Poljana to Storžič Mountain Hostel (Slovene: Dom pod Storžičem) it will take you two and a half hours, and a hike along the southern slope of Storžič to Kališče takes four hours.

Shorter routes that are also suitable for young hikers start from Zgornje Veterno or the village of Gozd. In good weather the mountain also attracts many paragliders, who make use of the excellent thermals of the sun-exposed southern slope of Kriška Gora.

When you return to the starting point in Tržič, you can have a look at the information panels close to the bus station and plan your next hiking destination.


  • Karawanks-central part 1:50 000, PZS
  • Storžič - Košuta 1:25 000, PZS
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