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K55 - Gozd - Udin Woods
Cycling below Kriška Gora

There's no need to head into the mountains for a varied cycling tour. There are interesting routes, especially when taken in enjoyable company, at the foot of mountains, hidden among the trees and offering splendid views from above the meadows. One such route is this one through Gozd and Udin Woods.


Tržič–Križe–Poljana–Gozd–Zalog–Goriče–Tenetiše–Udin Woods–Kriva Jelka–Žiganja vVas–Križe–Tržič


The starting point for cycling tours is in the city centre, opposite the Tržič bus station. Parking is possible in public parking areas (parking lots at the Municipality of Tržič, on Predilniška Road at the entrance to the city-BPT, at the Tržič Olympians Hall, along the street Za Mošenikom, among others).

In Tržič, head south along the main road. At the crossroads, take the left road, which climbs slightly towards Pristava. In Pristava, ride past the bus station and continue towards Križe. Turn left in the village (follow the markings) onto a road that at the end of the village turns into gravel and ascends towards Poljana and on towards Zg. Vetrno. Here you will join a paved road and follow it for a bit more than 2 km to Gozd.

You can take refreshments at Gozd Mountain Shelter, then continue along the road through the hamlet, where the road turns left. After 100 m, turn right onto a path which takes you across a meadow. At the end of the meadow, there is a singletrack trail that begins to descend into the forest. Follow it; lower down a hiking trail joins it. Above Golnik, turn sharply left onto a trail that will soon take you to Svarje. Follow the road down through Zalog to Goriče, where at the first crossroads you ride straight ahead, then turn left between the houses and follow the side road towards the south. You will soon reach the main Golnik-Kranj road, which you follow for 2.5 km. After the village of Tenetiše, turn right towards Udin Woods (in the direction of Strahinj). Follow the gravel road for 1.4 km, past the landfill, then turn right. The road climbs slightly; ride 3.4 km towards Kriva Jelka. View the famous tree and continue towards Duplje, then after 800 m turn right towards Žiganja Vas. After a bit more than a kilometre, join the Novake-Žiganja Vas road and descend to Žiganja Vas. Follow the village road through Sebenje, Križe and Pristava to the starting point.

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A shorter variant starts and finishes in Križe (at the parking area by the cemetery or at the primary school).

Rules of the trail for mountain bikers

Please note: The content provided on this site is for informational purposes only. Paths, trails, and roads in natural areas are not signposted. Cycling is permitted on roads and forest roads unless explicitly prohibited. Cycling along logging skid trails, hiking trails, and other footpaths is prohibited unless explicitly allowed. Where cycling is prohibited, cyclists must dismount and continue on foot. Tracks in the .gpx format are for informational purposes only and are meant solely as an aid; they do not necessarily mean that cycling is allowed. Visitors cycle at their own risk.

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