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Three Bells Trail
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Does a witch live here? Is someone hiding in the cave? Does the clear water from karst springs have magical power? Udin Woods (Slovene: Udin boršt) is a rugged karst landscape that fires the imagination. But the Three Bells Trail, which winds through the northern part of Udin Woods, is a pleasant and easy route for all ages.

The route is rich in sinkholes, dolines, and caves.

For this reason there have always been plenty of good hiding places here. This place was once a major gathering place for bandits—boys who wanted to avoid serving in the military, service which during the time under French rule lasted from 7 to 14 years. In Udin Woods they held important meetings and bandit weddings as well as merry parties several times a year.

Magnificent forest, sunny meadows, and friendly villages will greet you on your way.

Farm tracks wind gently onwards. The locals have placed three signs on the route, each with a small bell. If children have the goal of ringing a bell at the sign then the route is more interesting and their steps quicker. A drink or snack on the bench beside the sign will turn the walk into a memorable outing.

Have you ever hugged a linden tree that’s more than 500 years old?

The linden tree is in Žiganja Vas along the Three Bells Trail. How many people does it take to join hands and reach around it? How many children can fit inside the hollow in its trunk? You’ll never know unless you try it yourself.

about the trail

The idea for the trail came to villagers from Žiganja Vas when they were replacing three bells in the Church of St. Ulrich. It seemed a pity to them to discard the old ones, so they got the idea of using them to mark a trail that would wind through Udin Woods. This is where the name Three Bells Trail comes from. Since the church bells were too big, they used three smaller ones and signs to mark the route. .

The trail is an approximately 9-kilometre loop that passes through the villages of Sebenje, Novake below Golnik, and Žiganja Vas. It is an easy trail suitable for all types of walkers, including families with children.

You can set out along the trail starting from the centre of Sebenje, past the farm called Pr' Obstarju, going towards the ski jumping centre. Take the forest road that goes slightly uphill into Udin Woods.

When you step out of the woods after crossing a small bridge over Parovnica Brook and come out among meadows you will be below the village of Senično. There a view opens up of the slopes of Kriška Gora and Tolsti Vrh and beyond to the mountain of Storžič.

Right after the second bridge, over Gača Brook, turn right, towards the south, along the road from Senično towards Novake and then on towards Golnik at the landing site for paragliders. At the intersection for Novake, turn left along the paved road and then right at the next intersection to the southernmost houses of Golnik and on towards Letenice.

Soon after the last group of houses you'll come to a gravel forest road branching to the right. Once again you'll enter Udin Woods. The road starts to climb moderately and soon leads to Novine above Žiganja Vas. The Three Bells Trail takes you into the centre of Žiganja Vas, to the hundred-year-old linden tree and the Church of St. Ulrich.

From here you can reach Sebenje by the village road or you can keep to the right along the edge of the forest, past the ski jumping centre and the Obstar farm in the centre of the village.

Along the way you can also do some exercises at two trail fitness stations with all the necessary equipment for warming up and stretching.

Most of the route is along well maintained forest roads, and so the trail can be walked in virtually all kinds of weather and in every season. The Three Bells Trail can also be travelled by (mountain) bike and extended with a wide range of possible variants and additions by drawing on the forest paths of Udin Woods. Just don't underestimate the need for good orientation skills, as many cyclists, even locals, have been known to lose their way.

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