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Pavel Jazbec shoe collection

The shoes in this collection of Pavel Jazbec are steeped in history and provide an opportunity to experience the essence of shoemaking in Slovenia.

Pavel Jazbec started his shoemaking business back in 1978 on the strong foundations of his ancestors, whose journey you can view in the first part of the collection. Most of the space is devoted to this story, from the beginnings of shoemaking to today's contemporary products.

Part of the collection is also devoted to the history of the Planika factory, where you can view among other items the lasts used to make shoes for Marshal Tito and his wife Jovanka.

Along with viewing the collection you can buy shoe care cream, spruce resin ointment, and unique Tarzan slippers. Viewing the collection is free of charge if you purchase a product.

Entrance fee: 3.00 EUR/person

Guiding along the Three Bells Trail can be arranged.


Shoemaker Jazbec Pavel d.o.o., Sebenje 56, Križe
T: 051 631 464

Opening hours

  • by advance reservation
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