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Blata Wetland
Nature's classroom

At the northern edge of Udin Woods, between Sebinje and the Križe hamlet of Snakovo, in the immediate vicinity of the Divjina Dirt Park for BMX racing, are the remnants of what was once a large wetland, Blata. A nature trail with 11 observation points, constructed in the spring of 2014, leads through it.

Do you know why the wetland is so important?

The word wetland immediately brings to mind something wet and muddy. In fact there are various types of environments for life that are in between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Wetlands are ecologically important areas that also play an important role for humans, since they are natural reservoirs for water, they prevent flooding, they have a beneficial effect on microclimate, they purify water, they are a source of goods, they have an aesthetic function, and most of all wetlands provide habitat for numerous rare and threatened plant and animal species.

All animals that are closely connected to water make up a circle of life among themselves. If one species disappears, the entire web of food is threatened, which can eventually lead to the loss of an entire ecosystem, hence its importance for humans and to the loss of the crucial diversity that we all depend on for our existence. For this reason the educational function of the wetland is all the more important.

Blata Wetland

Blata Wetland lies at an elevation of just below 500 metres and is over 5 hectares in area. On a walk through the still preserved part of the wetland you can learn about the rich plant and animal world and the diverse mixture of different habitats. At one of the 11 observation points, which were designed by Križe Primary School under the guidance of mentors, there are four information panels erected.

We recommend preparing for a visit to the wetland by taking an informative leaflet available from TPIC Tržič, and wearing suitable footwear such as waterproof shoes or boots.

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