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Forest Educational Trail

Forest educational trails are an excellent place to learn about the biodiversity of an area. This forest educational trail links up with the scenic educational trail exploring the rich geology of the Dovžan Gorge, enabling intensive learning about the interconnectedness of living and nonliving components of nature.

The trail runs along the left bank of the Tržič Bistrica, from the narrowest part of the gorge to the parking area in Čadovlje. The purpose of the educational trail is to acquaint visitors with the riches of nature, landscape elements, their relationships, and their significance.

As you walk along the trail you can stop and read informational panels to learn about the landscape elements, their relationships, and their significance.

You’ll learn about the kinds of functions the forest has, the development and composition of forest, and the importance of good forest management that supports natural regeneration of forest. The panels also provide information about animals inhabiting different layers of the forest, the characteristics of forest ecosystems in general, and some specific features of forested areas in the territory of Slovenia.

The total length of the trail, which comprises six observation points, is approximately 1000 metres. We recommend including a walk along the Forest Educational Trail with a visit to the Dovžan Gorge Scenic Educational Trail.

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