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The hut on Korošica mountain pasture

The mountain pasture of Korošica is located on the southwestern slopes of Košutica (el. 1968 m), also called Baba by the locals. The pasture, where there is also a herders' hut, offers views of Košutica or Baba, Veliki Vrh on Košuta, towards Begunjščica and Vrtača.

During the grazing season the pasture supports 57 head of cattle, 12 horses, and 2 donkeys. Milk is processed on the pasture and various products are available, from sour milk to cottage cheese, masovnek  and sour cream.

On offer are also a variety of herbal teas, and high quality knitted socks from locally produced wool can be purchased.


Most of the dishes are made from ingredients produced on the pasture or nearby.

During the grazing season (10 June  - 30 September) the dairy offers the following dishes:  buckwheat and cornnmeal porridge, masovnek, homemade cottage cheese with cream, sour milk, warm milk, herder's platter, beef soup with noodles, homemade dry sausage with lard, homemade bread, barley soup with smoked sausage, jota with smoked meat, and apple strudel.


About 100 persons outdoors, up to 20 indoors

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