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Tegošče Mountain Dairy

Tegošče Mountain Dairy, which lies at an elevation of 1450 m, is one of the most beautiful of the mountain pastures spread out below Slovenia's longest mountain, Košuta.

The dairy operates from 1 June to 30 September and hence all manner of dairy poducts (sour milk, cottage cheese, cream) as well as drinks can be obtained, and the new herder's hut accommodates even the most demanding guests.

There are eight beds available in two attic rooms, and the herder's hut also has a kitchen, bathroom with shower, and separate toilet. The house is supplied with collected rainwater and electricity comes from solar cells. There is central heating  as well as a wood-burning stove in the living room. Out of concern for a clean environment, there is a small biological treatment system installed.

The surrounding area offers walks suitable for all to the neighbouring pastures of Kofce, Šija, Pungrat and Dolga Njiva, while more ambitious hikers can ascend the summits above the pastures.

 The pasture is particularly well known for its abundant water sources and alpine flowers.

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