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Dance Without Borders at Ljubelj Pass

The EU Dance Without Borders at Ljubelj Pass, as we call the event today, began a year before Slovenia’s entry into the European Union. The gathering of citizens from neighbouring municipalities, a meeting of people from both sides of the Karawanks, which in the past delineated the state border, shows that cooperation and friendship are not just words on a piece of paper.

The Dance Without Borders has been taking place on the mountain pass of Ljubelj, which was once an international border crossing with Austria, since 2003.

It begins in the morning and includes appearances by cultural figures from both sides of the border and bilingual mountain worship services as well as fun and socializing. Local innkeepers provide food and drink that are typical of the southern as well as northern side of the Karawanks. Each year about 1000 people from Slovenia and Austria attend the dance. 

Date of the next event

Saturday, 13. August 2022

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