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T21 - Kofce
Ski to where you can get delicious dumplings

In the westernmost part of Košuta lies the vast mountain pasture of Kofce, which in the snow-free part of the year is a very popular destination, especially for carefree hikers, young and old, who enjoy the homemade cooking. When the mountain spruce forests, and higher up, the grassy slopes and mountain pastures are covered with snow, visitors enjoy ski touring and snowshoeing in this area of wide open views and winter fun.

starting point

The southern slopes of Košuta as well as the summits along its long ridge are accessible from the Podljubelj Valley and the Tržič Bistrica Valley (the villages of Dolina and Jelendol). The approach from the centre of the village of Podljubelj is more convenient: to the right is a narrow road to the hamlet of Pod Košuto, where there is a parking area (future entry point) below the Zajmen and Matizovec mountain farms. From there you can continue towards Kofce along a marked hiking trail.


From the starting point, ascend along the road or marked mountain trail first to the Matizovec farm, then from here the path passes through a dense forest with a few clearings. Those who know the area well can ascend along one of the snow-covered logging trails leading towards the plateau Ravne pod Kofcami, but if it's your first visit it's better to follow the markings for the hiking trail towards Kofce Mountain Hostel. After an hour of walking, you will reach extensive pastures just below the mountain hostel. From there, a view opens up not only towards Veliki Vrh (2086 m), but also for the first time towards the eastern part of the ridge of Košuta. Past the popular mountain hostel, where you can find food and drink even in winter, you can continue a relatively easy ascent to the north, along open terrain that is not excessively steep, to the lookout point, where there is a wooden cross and elevation point (1596 m).

Touring skiers and snowshoers can conclude the ascent here or a few dozen metres higher, where Froncov ridge starts to rise more steeply towards the summit of Kofce Gora.


The very enjoyable and undemanding descent follows the same route as the ascent to the mountain hostel and beyond to the timberline. From here descent on skis is suitable only for skilled skiers who will know how to pick a safe path through the dense spruce forest and narrow logging trails above the Matizovec farm. Lower down the valley Pod Košuto, just before the end of the descent, a few pleasant sweeping turns across the snow-covered meadows will bring a smile to your face.


In the lower part, the route mostly leads through the forest, where only rarely (when there has been heavy snowfall) is it possible to ski continuously right to the starting point. It is usually necessary to do at least part of the descent carrying your skis. There is no major exposure to avalanches on the described route of the tour, so a visit is suitable even in avalanche-prone weather conditions.

Other possibilities

Ascent and descent is also possible from the village of Dolina above the Dovžan Gorge. Past the Ukec farm ascend to Kal Saddle (1112 m), and from there follow the hiking trail or road on Ravne, where you will already be just below Kofce.

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