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T22 - Veliki Vrh
Steep downhill skiing from a two-thousander in the western part of Košuta

Veliki Vrh (2088 m) is the westernmost two-thousander along Slovenia's longest mountain ridge, Košuta. It is considered to be the backyard mountain for Kofce, since from here there is a fairly undemanding hiking trail to the summit during the snow-free months. In winter, however, the level of difficulty of the approach increases significantly.

starting point

From Podljubelj ascend to Kofce Mountain Hostel (1488 m).


From the starting point on you will have your ultimate goal - the two-thousander Veliki Vrh - in sight high above you, on your left. Steep walls descend from Veliki Vrh to the south, in the area of an extensive landslide dating from the Middle Ages, the Birški landslide. For the ascent and an enjoyable but nonetheless challenging descent on skis, the southeastern slope is suitable. From Kofce first ascend to the cross and the foot of Froncov ridge. From here on, you usually no longer follow the direction of the marked summer hiking trail (because the trail crosses the slope right on the part where avalanches are very often triggered in winter). From the more level area above the last bit of vegetation, before the slope of Košuta begins to rise more steeply, traverse left, to the west, across a bowl that locals call Vrnuh during the summer grazing season. To the left, climb more and more steeply across the bowl from Otroški Čeri by moving in switchbacks to reach the ridge in the area of Toplar, where it will become less steep, and in 15 minutes you will reach the top of Veliki Vrh further west along the ridge.


The descent follows the direction of the ascent, through a steep bowl between Veliki Vrh and Toplar. In the lower part traverse to the east to the cross.


The southern grassy slopes of Košuta  are highly avalanche-prone, so only attempt this route if you are fully equipped with avalanche safety gear and a realistic assessment of the danger of avalanches in the given conditions.

Other possibilities

You can also make the ascent by going along the sharp Froncov ridge (carrying your skis), first to Kofce Gora (1967 m) and from there following the ridge of Košuta west by way of Toplar and to the summit.

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