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T24 - Kladivo
Challenging winter ascent and descent for the highly skilled

The experienced touring skier, in favourable and sufficiently safe snow conditions, may want to ascend to the central ridge of Košuta, to the 2,000-metre Kladivo. The strenuous ascent and adrenaline-filled descent from this challenging peak is not for everyone, but the most experienced will enjoy it immensely.

starting point

From Podljubelj ascend to Kofce Mountain Hostel and from there to Šija Scouts Hut (1528 m). 


From Šija Scouts Hut follow the gradually ascending snow-covered road to the east, then you will soon turn on to the steep pastures above the road in the direction of Kladivo, which you can see in front of you. Just before you catch sight of the neighbouring mountain pasture of Pungrat, you will start to climb more steeply through sparse spruce forest and low vegetation towards the ridge of Košuta, to the saddle between Malo Kladivo (2036 m) and Kladivo (2094 m). Ahead of you is a short but the technically most challenging part of the ascent, to the summit.


From the summit there are nearly 500 metres of elevation change along a very steep descent following the route of the ascent. In the last part before the hut, the steepness and difficulty lessens greatly and you can relax more and enjoy some sweeping turns.


The ascent of Kladivo is an extremely demanding winter tour requiring suitable equipment and preparation. You will need complete avalanche safety equipment and an assessment of avalanche hazard in the given conditions.

other possibilities

An ascent to Šija is also possible from Jelendol, by way of the mountain pasture of Dovžanka (description under ski touring route T31 – link ).

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