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Rosary Trail
The largest natural rosary in the world

The Rosary Pilgrimage Trail is unique in all the world. It has the shape of a rosary but it is so big that this is hidden to the eye. What is essential is always invisible to the eye. Knowledge, too. It comes when the heart is open, the mind is calm, and the body relaxed. And one of the most beautiful ways to achieve all three is through pilgirmage.

The route is 12 kilometres long.

It follows the tracks of old pilgrimage paths, among villages that have been here for a thousand years. The trails connects four churches: the Basilica of St. Mary Help of Christians  in Brezje, the Church of St. John the Baptist in Kovor, the Church of St. Agnes in Brezje pri Tržiču, and the Church of St. James in Leše. It is marked with signposts and there are benches, drinking water, and toilets along the way.

Time for prayer in the greatest cathedral in the world

The cathedral of nature, whether visited in the silence of solitude or in the company of friends, engenders thoughts that open the door to solutions. Problems that appeared to be insurmountable are revealed in their true light: as an everyday lesson in the school of life. In this cathedral we are truly small, yet we are also more conscious of our greatness and role.

This is a path that makes us better.

The trail begins at the famous basilica in Brezje and can be completed in three and a half hours. In this short time you will become enriched not only by the unforgettable experience of nature but also by new, previously hidden knowledge.

the trail corresponds to the parts of the rosary

The route passes through beautiful natural landscapes; the natural distribution of forest, meadows, and fields also corresponds to the parts of the rosary:

Introductory part

From the Basilica of St. Mary Help of Christians along a local road to the junction for Peračica.
Length: 1.25 km

Joyful part
From the junction for Peračica along a local road towards the farmstead "Pr' Janežč", then it forks to the right along a forest road towards Strašnik Brook and continues through the forest to Hudo Field.
Length: 1.85 km.

Luminous part
Across the field and past the farm "Pr' Zazk" along a farm track and road to the intersection in the centre of the village of Hudo, and from there along a local road to the village of Brezje pri Tržiču.
Length: 2.9 km.

Sorrowful part
At the intersection in Brezje pri Tržiču the path branches to the left past the turnoff for Popovo and goes through Vadiče to the village of Leše.
Length: 2.2 km.

Glorious part
At the bottom of the village of Leše the path turns left and goes along a local road through Peračica and then joins up at the crossroads with the part that has already been travelled, which leads back to the Basilica of St. Mary Help of Christians.
Length: 4 km.

Broshure for the Rosary Trail

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