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Zelenica Mountaineering Instruction Centre

The mountain hostel on Zelenica in recent years has developed into a mountaineering instruction centre offering not only education and training for mountaineering purposes but also other forms of education for schools in nature and the organization of team building exercises.

The Zelenica Mountaineering Instruction Centre (GUC Zelenica in the Slovene acronym) operates out of the renovated mountain hostel and is intended for all kinds of educational and training purposes on a wide range of topics covered by the term mountaineering  (skills training, courses, accident prevention and other information, outdoor education, lectures, etc.). It offers programmes of its own design as well as support for the programmes of other organizations (Alpine Association of Slovenia, Association of Slovenian Mountain Guides, Mountain Rescue Association of Slovenia, and others).

GUC Zelenica provides a comprehensive and excellent package to numerous users, offering all the necessary infrastructure, equipment, and knowledge or simply organizational and logistical support to carrying out the independent programmes  of various mountaineering organizations and clubs.

The centre and its environment are ideal for the training courses of other organizations (mountaineering courses, Association of Slovenian Mountain Guides, alpine guides, trail maintenance workers, mountain environment conservationists, mountain rescue services, etc.), for schools in nature, and for mountaineering education and training for all interested.

In winter there is a low rope tow of 132 metres located next to the building. It is free of charge for young children. In favourable weather conditions it operates on the weekends from 11 am – 2 pm and is available for use by groups during the week when booked in advance. Children can make their first runs on skis without their own equipment since it is available for hire from Zelenica Mountaineering Instruction Centre (GUC Zelenica).

The Tržič Mountaineering Club in cooperation with the company Elan d.o.o. has also set up the Elan ski touring demo centre. Visitors to Zelenica Mountain Hostel can view the current collection of ski touring equipment in Elan’s corner. Touring skis and splitboard are also available for hire.

A World of Winter Sports in Tržič: Ljubelj and Zelenica

Open from 1 October 2020 to 31 May 2021 from Friday to Sunday until 4 pm, on public holidays, and during school holidays. Booking for groups is possible outside these times by prior arrangement.

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