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Partisan printing works of the Kokrica detachment
Secret printing of Partisan propaganda

The Partisan printing works were a "secret" printing press where the Partisans printed and reproduced leaflets with slogans, flyers and other propaganda material. Their activities during the Second World War encouraged people to resist the Germans. You can see a reconstruction of the printing works.

During a visit to the Partisan printing works in Dolina above Tržič, a presentation of the Partisan printing press of the Kokrica detachment, you can learn about the propaganda service during the national liberation struggle from 1941 to 1945.

These kinds of printing presses began to be established in the Gorenjska region in 1942. In them radio reports were broadcast and leaflets with slogans, flyers and other progranda material were prepared. The printing works of the Kokrica detachment issued the bulletin of the Gorenjska detachment, called Gorenjska Partizan.  The Partisan press was an important factor in the struggle against the occupying forces. It encouraged the population to join units of the national liberation army.

The Partisan printing works of the Kokrica detachment were set up in a secret place in the woods that enabled safety, good courier connections, supply of food and materials, and the possibility for a safe retreat from occupying forces. Despite numerous occasions when the enemy passed nearby, the Partisan printing press was never discovered.

contact and further information

Tržič Museum, Muzejska 11, 4290 Tržič
T: 04 53 15 500

Opening hours

By arrangement

Entrance fee

  • family: 5 EUR,
  • children, adolescents, students and retired: 1.50 EUR,
  • adults: 2.50 EUR


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