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Kofce Mountain Hostel

BEST MOUNTAIN HUT 2019 - The mountain hostel is located on the scenic pasture of Kofce, which lies on the southern slopes of the western part of Košuta. From the hostel a beautiful view opens up of the ridge of Košuta, the mountains above Jezersko, where Grintovec stands out in the middle, Begunjščica and a part of the Julian Alps in the background.


The bustle of the city, everywhere full of people, and the July heat makes it difficult to breathe. So the hiker and family decide to cool off after work. They head for the mountain hostel on Kofce, located on the southern slope of Košuta at an elevation of  1488 m, from where there is a gorgeous view of the surrounding peaks.  Sunrises are the most beautiful, when the valley is still bathed in a sea of cloud, while the earliest hikers are awakened by the clanging of cowbells and caressed by the sun through the windows of the rustic rooms.  After a fortifying breakfast of local specialities they set off to explore the high mountain world, just an hour's walk distant. At the top of Veliki Vrh they feel happy and content in the peace and quiet, in the company of crows and alpine flowers. The bolder among them head towards Kladivo, marching along with one leg in Slovenia and the other in neighbouring Austria. Those with the most stamina set their sights on traversing the whole of Košuta all the way to Košutnik Tower (Košutnikov turn) and come back by way of the mountain pastures. But let us return to the first. After the ascent they return to the welcoming refuge of the hostel, where they can regain their strength with delicious homemade foods such as jota, thick barley soup, bean stew, homemade sausages, mushroom soup, veal stew, sauerkraut, sour milk, buckwheat porridge, Tržič bržola, and of course we mustn't forget about the homemade cheese, blueberry, or chocolate dumplings that the hostel is famous for even beyond the borders of Slovenia. Those with more of a sweet tooth can indulge in homemade sweet buns, raspberry or apple strudel, fried dough, and other traditional Slovenian desserts.

After, the pleasantly tired and sated hiker can stretch out on a blanket in the shade of tall pines near the hostel and doze in unspoilt nature, until awakened by the kiss of a curious cow. Meanwhile, the carefree children play in the hedgehog's playhouse.

Head full of rich impressions, lungs filled with clean mountain air, the hiker then returns to the hustle and bustle of the town in the evening hours and hopes that the day will soon come for another visit.


Simply furnished, with two to nine beds and the possibility of extra beds, with a beautiful view of the valley and nearby two-thousanders. Shared bathroom and toilet.

Additional amenities

Summer garden, hedgehog's playhouse with climbing wall and slide.


Wide selection of traditional local soups and stews, herders' meals, homemade dumplings and cakes.


41 beds in 9 rooms


Space available in the vestibule for pets to spend the night.

The hostel is open nonstop during the summer season. During the off season it is open on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

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