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Šija Scouts Hut

The hut is located in the Košuta range, more precisely on the mountain pasture of Šija. The buildings of the former guardhouse have been converted into a pleasant mountain hut by Scouts. It can serve as a starting point for approaches to nearby summits (Veliki Vrh, Kofce Gora, Malo Kladivo, Kladivo or traversing Košuta to Košutnikov Tower (Turn)) or as a pleasant place to stop and eat while exploring the mountain pastures that lie along the slopes of Košuta.

The hut has 31 beds and a separate apartment with 8 beds.  Local cuisine is served and staff can help you prepare various camps, celebrations, gatherings and trips to nearby destinations. Homemade Slovenian dishes and cold and warm drinks are offered in the hut.

The hut is an excellent starting point for hikes of varying difficulty towards Veliki Vrh, Kofce Gora, Kladivo, Škrbina, etc. or simply for walking around the pasture, where local farmers graze their cattle in summer. Due to the well-maintained road, Šija mountain pasture is also a popular destination for mountain bikers.

By arrangement various activities for organized groups can be prepared, such as a climbing wall, archery, wilderness survival skills, etc.


The hut has 4 rooms:  1 x 13 beds, 1 x 8 beds, 1 x 6 beds, 1 x 4 beds. The WC and showers are shared, and there is also a clubroom for organized groups.

The apartment has a room with 6 beds, kitchen, bathroom and living room with an additional 2 beds..


  • climbing wall,
  • archery,
  • skittles,
  • camping and mountaineering skills,
  • various workshops can be prepared for organized groups.


local dishes – one-pot meals (jota, goulash prepared from different types of meat, various types of bržola prepared from different meats, stews), farm dishes (sausage, sauerkraut, buckwheat porridge, various kinds of dumplings), desserts (strudels, buckwheat omelette with berries, nut rolls, etc.), seasonal dishes (sour milk, masovnek, etc.), and they can also prepare skillet-cooked dishes to order.


5 double rooms


Scouts Hut is accessible on foot from different directions. In the summer months there is also a road that can be driven by way of Pungrat mountain pasture.

Dogs may spend the night in the hut by prior arrangement.

English and German spoken.

Open from 15 June to 15 September. During the other parts of the year open from Friday afternoon through Sunday and on holidays. The hut can be opened for organized groups outside these times.

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