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International Minerals, Fossils, and Environment Days - MINFOS

Every year on the second weekend in May lovers of natural heritage gather in Tržič for International Minerals, Fossils, and Environment Days. In addition to specialized geological discussions there are sales exhibits of polished and unpolished stones, jewellery, and fossils.

Visitors and exhibitors are brought together by stones, minerals and secrets of the earth. The explored, the unexplored, and everything that somewhere awaits discovery. During the time of the exhibition, the programme offers visitors something of interest for everyone. You can glimpse the events of worlds that have since disappeared and learn about the geological history of our Earth. You can enrich your knowledge by viewing specialized exhibits and talking with experts. The greatest interest, especially among the young, is attracted by the educational and creative workshops.

The sales booths of exhibitors, who come from EU countries, countries of the former Yugoslavia, Russia. Morocco, and faraway Pakistan and India as well as from other continents, are a sight to behold. The primarily natural and polished minerals on offer are diverse and high quality. Lovers of jewellery can find gifts for all occasions in one place.

Guided tours of the Dovžan Gorge, which due to its unique deposits of Paleozoic rocks is protected as a national monument, and of Anton's Shaft in Podljubelj, are an interesting experience. Tržič galleries and museums open their doors so visitors can vew their collections.

During the time of the event Tržič restaurateurs offer guests local culinary specialities. Guest and organic farms in the vicinity invite visitors to sample and buy their products, and nearby shopping centres offer great deals.

Date of the next event

Saturday, 10. May 2025 - Sunday, 11. May 2025

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